A Business Note

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I see and hear that many readers enjoy this blog. Then you will enjoy my e-books and personal training also, I am sure.

So… to thank you for being loyal readers and to encourage you to try my books and training, I have just created a limited time Summer Special: 25% off all orders over $250. The training or shoot must be booked and paid for by July 31st. The actual shoot or training may be taken any time in the future.

To benefit from this discount, head over to learning.photography and fill your cart with $250 or more of products; then on the last screen enter Discount Code ReaderLoyalty —and you are all set, the price will decrease when you recalculate. 25% can amount to a nice sum, making affordable prices even more affordable.

For example, take a course for two people (order the two-people price twice in the same cart) and you get the discount. A course for one plus the set of all five e-books would also get you there, as would a portrait shoot and the e-books—and so on.

And more importantly, books and courses will make you a better photographer. Quickly.


When you look at learning.photography you will see new courses. Video on your DSLR and Landscape Photography among them. Go have a look. Also, many courses have been updated—they always are: as the industry changes, so do my courses.


The way I book courses is different from anyone else’s. Instead of me setting the schedule for my convenience, you do, at your convenience. And I make it affordable to get private, or near-private, tuition. Head on over to this article to check out the news post.


See you soon!

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Quiet times. But…

….but things will speed up again, no worries, fans. I have been preoccupied with things, busy shooting, busy teaching, working on the e-store at http://learning.photography, and dealing with all manner of issues. But things, as said, will get back.

Meanwhile, there’s a father’s day special! Go check it out: http://learning.photography

There are three Father’s Day options, open ONLY until Sunday: All five books for $49, a portrait for $100, and a one-on-one lesson for $149! Go check them out!


Whoop Whoop Pull Up

The title of this post? That is a warning, the kind of warning you get on the flight deck as you are about to fly into a mountainside.

It is also the kind of warning I feel internally when I see something like this:

I mean… digital filter? Like photons care? Yes, I can imagine scenarios where a sensor needs a different filter from film, but not readily, and this ain’t one of them. This is more a marketing ploy to get Uncle Fred to hand over more money to replace his “analog filters” with digital equivalents, I think. So while having some lens filters for protection is a good idea in case it rains, do buy good filters, but don’t worry about having them always on every lens. I personally never use them.

Instead, spend your good money on a modern camera, 3 years old or younger, and on lenses.

And on my newest ebook, and do use the discount code, see yesterday’s post.  Click on the image below to also see a few sample pages, plus the table of contents.


For Your Eyes Only!

As you saw yesterday, the new book “Stunning Landscape Photography—making Your Environment Tell Stories”, the fifth in my series of e-books, is available immediately from the e-store at http://learning.photography.

And better news still. If you have always wanted to buy my e-books but have not gotten around to it, I have a deal for you, as a loyal reader.

Get an additional 10% off everything you buy, until July 1st, by using discount code “Speedlighter” upon checkout.




New Book Released!

Big news: the all new e-book “Stunning Landscape Photography” has just been released.

If you have always wanted to try shooting landscapes, or if you want to become better at doing it, this is the e-book for you. In my latest e-book, I includes information on technical requirements, tripods, bags, filters and other requirements; required photography knowledge; timing of shoots and location finding; shooting technique; lenses; basic and practical composition; and post-production. I include many specific landscape techniques, from night scenes to flowing water photography. The ultimate guide to finally mastering your landscape shots.

This extensive and richly illustrated 117 page e-book is $19.95 plus applicable taxes: it comes as a PDF file, conveniently optimized for freely viewing on iPad, your computer, and similar platforms. Head on over to the store at learning.photography to obtain your copy right now!