Today, Rockwood conservation area in Guelph, a field workshop I taught for

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This type of walkaround course is very good at helping you put theory into practice. If you want to learn, really learn, consider coming on one of my get out and shoot courses!


Walk With Me

Saturday July 16, I am doing a Photo Walk “Composition In The Field” for Digital Photo Academy, in Rockwood Conservation area in Guelph. This will be fun, so if you are interested, sign up and see you there. Contact me via email if you have questions.

Go here to register, and do it soon:


Hope to see you and your camera on Sunday!

A snap or two: Walk!

I do courses and walks, and I organize them using Meetup: see here and check back regularly. New ones to be posted very soon.

My “Dutch Masters” courses and walks are designed to really help you get creative. To allow you to develop a creative vision and to translate that into a photo.

Here’s a few snaps from a recent walk in Oakville, Ontario, with my Sheridan College class:

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See how there’s many styles in any area? See if you can spot the compositional techniques I used.

Once you know the technical side of your camera, you can get creative in the way you want. Stay tuned, or contact me for private training, which is very effective in quickly getting you up to scratch,


I don’t often desaturate, but when I do…

I do it properly. During a portrait session with a client just now, I also did a few “desat” portraits. Because why not!


Also black and white and “standard linkedin” colour. And high-key (without jacket) as well as standard. What I mean is this: when you do portraits, do them well, so you are seen as not “Uncle Bob”.


Workshop and then some

So tonight I did a great workshop in North Toronto. Great because the six participants were very enthusiastic and they really, really got it.  That’s how it goes when you:

  1. Hear it a second or third time
  2. Practice it yourself rather than just listen.

And that is what tonight was about.

You can have a lot of fun with one flash. In this case, one flash with a grid. Off-camera and fired with Pocketwizards.


Two flashes, one with an umbrella on me, and one with a chocolate Honlphoto gel on the background, gives us yours sincerely:20160505-1DX_8145-1024

You like that? Then learn some flash techniques from me, any time. It’s all just technique, as Peter West once told me. True say!