Walk With Me

Saturday July 16, I am doing a Photo Walk “Composition In The Field” for Digital Photo Academy, in Rockwood Conservation area in Guelph. This will be fun, so if you are interested, sign up and see you there. Contact me via email if you have questions.

Go here to register, and do it soon:



Hope to see you and your camera on Sunday!

f/2 and be there.

An old newspaper instruction to photographers was “f/8 and be there”.

My version is: “f/2 and an 85mm lens and be there”, if you want good informal portraits.  Sometimes I keep it simple, of course. Like today, some pictures of Addison. Here she is, in a nice chiaroscuro photo:


And here’s a few more:





All those are SOOC (“straight out of camera”).

As you see, the use of this lens “almost” wide open (it’s an f/1.2 lens, set to f/2) allows you to shoot in a normal living room environment without the clutter making the photo into a snapshot. Of course f/2 with a moving toddler means that you will be using continuous focus (“AI Servo”), and even then a lot of your shots will not be in perfect focus. But many will, and in any case, the moment and the light are also essential, and those will occupy a lot of your mindspace.

So the speedlighter does not always use speedlights?  Nope, not always.


CPS – Can’t Pay Service

In Canada, if you own Canon equipment, Canon CPS (Canon Professional Services) is the way you get decent service for your gear. But you have to have certain equipment (from a list of “pro” cameras and lenses that are new enough), and then in Canada you need to pay (in some countries this service is still free, as it was for Canada until a couple of years ago). If I recall correctly, it’s $125 for the middle service level, but it could be more than that. I’d have to check. The reason I have not renewed is exactly that: the cost.

So… my 7D camera broke. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Brampton (100km away) until just after my membership ran out.

So I had to go to the Hoi Polloi lineup instead of the “we respect you” lineup. Although I was a CPS member until a week or so before the repair, Canon no longer knew me and I had to re-supply all my details, address, and so on.

So that’s what buying $50,000 in of brand’s equipment gets you. Nothing. Good to know.

Oh, and Canon Canada “cannot” take American Express. Words fail me.


Here’s the booth

A photo booth, as said, includes:

  • The booth setup;
  • Pro photo and lighting equipment;
  • A pro photographer;
  • A customized template;
  • Lots of fun props to choose from;
  • A made-onsite 4×6 pro print per group;
  • Available finishing and extra files/prints, as per price list.

And all that looks like this:

20160710-MW5D8826-1200 20160710-MW5D8827-1200

Booth fun.

Two studio strobes. Computer, with special software. Long tether cable. Two,printers in a pool. USB hub and other tech goodies. Graphic design. Fun props.

That’s how you do a photo booth, so that’s what I did for last night’s wedding, in a reception hall, outside the ballroom. Lots of fun was had, and lots of prints were handed out:







If you’re having some kind of event, check me out. It’s not costly (around $300 for a two hour booth, say, including a pro photographer, travel, all euiopment use, custom template design, and professionally made “made on the spot” 4×6 glossy prints.  Going home with a fun picture makes the evening’s memories so much more “real” for the guests, and having a booth like this encourages people to have fun.