Tell the story

Here’s an image from a 2007 trip to Jerusalem:

Jerusalem 2007 (Photo: Michael Willems)

A typical “B-roll” picture – a picture that helps…

  1. …set the scene – where we are;
  2. Tell something about the environment;
  3. Make the viewer “work it out”;
  4. Provide a visually interesting image.

In this case, elements are: the blurred scene in the background (people eating and drinking, the waiter, the umbrellas); the Hebrew on the coke bottle; the menu including shoarma; the sunny background; and the three-dimensional feeling created by the “close-far” technique.

When you next travel, try to take lots of images like this. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to tell the story.



A few travel snaps

I thought that perhaps today I would just share a few travel snaps.

Can you guess which city I took these in?

Using available framing:

Quartier Des Spectacles (Photo: Michael Willems)

Quartier Des Spectacles

Emphasizing by using selective depth of field:

Yum!  (Photo: Michael Willems)


Using detail and simplifying by getting close:

Limo  (Photo: Michael Willems)


Using colour by exposing well:

Ship  (Photo: Michael Willems)


Showing people:

Snapping a snapper (Photo: Michael Willems)

Snapping a snapper

You have guessed which city this is, by now, perhaps ?