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Michael, The Speedlighter, is one of North America’s premier teachers of photography. He teaches across the continent and talks to, trains and motivates large numbers of people.

A full-time photographer and photography teacher, based in Ottawa, Ontario, he wrote and teaches the popular “Travel Photography”, “Travel 101”, “Flash for Pros”, “Event Photography” and “Flash – Get Out and Shoot” workshops, among others, and is finishing a book, due out very soon. He exhibits regularly and has been featured on CBC Radio and in other media. He teaches photography subjects both privately and at Sheridan College.

He runs his studio, school, store in Orleans, Ottawa: see www.michaelwillemsphoto.com.

Michael shoots spot news and events for newspapers; he shoots corporate and family events; family portraits; model portfolios: In fact he’ll shoot anything that moves – or doesn’t. If he were a doctor, he would be a general practitioner.

It takes 10,000 hours to become expert at anything, from plumbing to brain surgery, they say. Michael has gone through it, and the purpose of this blog is to share his knowledge. To teach. And to invite comment and feedback from current, past and future students and clients.

To people who say “you are crazy to give away your secrets” Michael says “That’s nonsense. This is the Internet age. The information is out there anyway – you just don’t get it”. He is happy to share, and to teach, and by doing so, to learn. And to be seen as offering value. If you enjoy this learning blog, all I ask is that you link to me, and tell all your friends.

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  1. I really like the new look! specially the menu on the right, the headings stand out more. Easier to find what your looking for.

    Great job again Michael


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