Pssst… wanna know a secret? Come closer. I’ll tell you a secret or two… closely guarded… don’t tell anyone…

Toronto, May Morning
This is about shooting flowers. We all like shooting flowers, so I suggest you go shoot some. And if you do, the following tips should help.

  • Use a Tripod
  • Shoot them after a gentle spring rain. Or better, create your own, with a squishy water spray.
  • Try a black background behind the flowers – a piece of paper will do.
  • Stop the wind from moving them. Get someone to hold a coat, or a piece of paper, around the flowers.
  • Shoot them from ground level; or shoot up at them rather than down.
  • Use a long lens and stop down to f/16 or better, if you can.
  • Use soft light: not sunlight or flash, whatever you do! Use a cloudy day, or open shade, or window light (great light, just like for portraits!), or if you have to, flash bounced off, or through, a softening surface, like a sheer curtain or white sheet.
  • Use a long lens or a macro lens.
  • Get in close.
  • Use a tripod, did I mention that?

There you go. Nice flower pictures, and they look professional. Don’t tell anyone!

2 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. I wish I read this last week! I attempted to photograph a hibiscus in my garden the other day, as close as possible, without a tripod, it was rather dark, some wind, etc, etc. But it’s OK, now that I have your guidelines, I will try again soon.

  2. I have been shooting following this technique. Have got wonderful shots. But i got to mention i have been shooting with a big aperture. Can I do that or have to shoot at f/16. I wish i could post the pictures here so that he could see them.

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