Every Woman wants it her way?

Every Woman wants it her way?

Tip: when you are shooting in cities and wondering what to shoot, there are many things you should not forget. If you take one of my courses, I’ll tell you all about them – or at least about some of them, since there are quite a few.

One example here, in the picture above. Or rather, two examples. I took this picture on a recent “Get Out and Shoot” outing, where I was helping students with some of these techniques.

One: shoot people. (Only with your camera.) Do not be intimidated: either use a long lens and smile happily, or walk up and chat, and then confidently ask for permission.

Two: look for juxtapositions. That is a complicated word for “contrasts”. Opposites next to one another. Like the tough policemen and the word “SENSUOUS” behind them (followed by “Every Woman Wants it Her Way”. and horses thrown in for good measure).Enough to at least capture our attention.

When you see a picture like this, be aware of these momentary opportunities, and be ready to shoot. Tough and sensuous. Old and new. Green and red. Yellow and Blue. Large and small. Whatever the juxtaposition you see: chances are it’ll make a picture. Shoot it!

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