My workspace

A snap of my office I just took:


Like that? It’s a snap, but it looks… well, three-dimensional. Doesn’t it?

Do you know why? Those who have been in my classes do. It is because I am using the “close-far” technique. I zoom all the way out to the widest angle I can (which was 16mm on the 7D, meaning about 25mm), and then I get close to something. Very close. As close as I can.That makes the close object look extra big – hence extra close, while the background looks small – hence, far away.

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  1. Very good point. As you said, wide lenses can leave you with a lot of nothing in the shot in order to capture an expansive view. I think you can apply a similar technique to landscapes.

    Your office looks suspiciously tidy. Did you do a quick clean up before the snapshot?

    Enough typing. It’s a lovely Saturday morning in Bangkok. I will go out and take some photos.

  2. Agree re landscapes. A close subject in teh frame, and suddenly the Grand Canyon looks, well, Grand.

    I taught a course tonight: had some pro photogs over. That’s why it was so tidy1

    Yes re the photos. It is Saturday evening here, though, so time for wine and TV. 🙂

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