Travel Tip

When you travel with a suitcase, bring two camera bags. A small one and a large one.

The trick: one of these bags goes into your suitcase, filled with underwear, socks and other things you were going to bring anyway. That way it takes up no space.

So now when you get to your destination, you have a choice of camera bags every day: the large one, or the small one.

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  1. Thanks! That’s an outstanding idea. I’d already thought about packing a small camera bag in addition to the laptop/camera bag I’d carry on. What I hadn’t considered was packing stuff in the small one – I would have probably tried to flatten it as much as possible. Your idea is much better.

    As far as here to there, I like the bigger bag. But on site, I think there would be a lot of call for just the camera without a lot of excess stuff.


  2. Excellent advice!

    I used to do that but now a days I just carry a holster bag, 2 lenses-24-70L, Sigma 10-20 and a 580exII flash and usually sneak in a nifty-fifty in my toddlers carry on =) Tripod and filter pouch goes into check in bag along with the boxers.

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