Me in 1982

In Nineveh…

At the spiral minaret in Samara…

And after a ministry in Baghdad was bombed:

That picture, taken from my room at the al-Mansour Melia hotel, got me interrogated by security… but they were kind enough afterward to actually give me back my developed slide film. I must be the only person to have had their film developed by Saddam’s security men.

3 thoughts on “Me in 1982

  1. I was 22-ish. I was a telecoms engineer, equipping Iraq with modern telephone exchanges. Having earned my stripes in Libya, I was deemed ready for a war region. And being male, I was willing to go.

  2. I have just found this page. So it is you I should be grateful to. I lived in Baghdad from Spetember 1981 to June 1984 (my father was the military attache to the Embassy of spain) and until Mearly 1983 we always had to go to the Telecommunications building in Al-Rasheed street to be able to call home, at the price of 5 dinars for 5 minutes and having to wait for about 40 minuted for each call (and we could only call once a week).
    You certainly made Baghdad expat life easer for many.
    Thanks a lot.

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