Canada's oligopoly running strong

So Rogers double-dip and want $35 extra for 5GB traffic for the iPad 3G, even for customers who already pay for data for their iPhone. No breaks.

So Bell have now announced their price. Surprise surprise: (drum roll): $35 for 5GB. The exact same that Rogers charge. They must know that even a $1 decrease would gain them customers – but no, they have an unspoken agreement to keep prices high. Cartel, anyone?

This sickening oligopoly, protected by our allegedly conservative government, is going to continue to rip off Canadians. Instead of an economically conservative, socially liberal government, which I think most Canadians want, we get a socially conservative, economically protective-of-their-friends government.

In other countries, cartels like our Telco cartel would come under scrutiny: here, they are mandated by our government.

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