Quick flash tip

It is July 4 in the US, so my American friends will all be taking pictures today. So here is a quick tip for you flash users out there!

If you want a slightly warmer look – the “late afternoon light” look – to your flash pictures, simply do this:

  • Put a slight warming gel (e.g. a quarter CTO gel, or a half CTO gel) on your flash (i.e. slightly yellow). I use a Honl gel with a Honl speedstrap on my 580EX flash.
  • Set your white balance to “flash”.

Result: your subject (close by, lit by flash) looks slightly warm.. instant late afternoon “golden hour” light even at noon.

Student by Michael Willems

Student, slightly warmed up

That was a student at last week’s “Creative Urban Photography” course. In not very warm light!

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  1. Could you share your thoughts about camera straps. Do you have any favourite? What do you think of Black Rapid strap which screws into the tripod socket? Canyou use such a strap if you have a quick release attached to the camera? Some people say just clip the strap to the D ring on the quick release, but that sounds dicey to me. Do you have any experience with this?

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