Viva Las Vegas

So I am doing day two today of a two-day seminar series, with special guest star David Honl (yes, the David Honl).In fabulous Las Vegas.

This is tremendous fun – we are taking students first through a thorough grounding in flash theory and hands-on background, and then through a series of actual shots.

Yesterday’s seminar was full; today’s is full too, but I am sure I can fit one or two more in. See for details.

Would you believe, I forgot to bring a mini-USB to USB cable, so I have two cameras full of tremendous shots, which I cannot share. The setup shots yesterday, as well as model and photographer Yasmin in Nelson, a fantastic “ghost town” plot of abandoned items.

I’ll try to do this today. Stand by for more posts!

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  1. There is a famous Photographer in Oakville that has a great teaching blog that showed on many occasions what he brings to a photo shoot, like a checklist…lol can’t wait to see your shots.

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