Credit where credit is due.

While Sears has not so far handled my watch destruction well (see previous post of a few days ago), Apple has come through once more with shining colours.

I took my iPhone 3Gs in to the Apple Store on Saturday. Cracks had started to appear on the bottom. Was that covered by warranty, I wondered?

When I arrived, the Apple Genius (hum) told me that:

  1. My warranty had expired by 37 days
  2. But since my iPhone looked well-treated they would replace it anyway.

Result: a brand-new iPhone 3Gs, with no cracks.

New iPhone 3Gs

My All-New iPhone 3Gs

They even set it up for me, gave it a quick charge, exchanged the card, and made sure it worked. Kudos to Apple Sherway Gardens and Chris the “Genius”. Credit where credit is due.

Of course this is sensible customer service. I will no doubt keep going back to add to my iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air repertoire.

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  1. Interesting experience. I had a battery problem with my iPhone 3GS about two months ago. It was still under the 1 year warranty but barely with only 18 days left. Apple replaced it with a new one phone, no questions asked. It was a great experience to have a store take care of me like this. I doubt other phone manufacturers are offering this on their hardware, or at least you rarely hear about it.

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