Light creatively

After last Sunday’s Creative Lighting workshop, and working up to next week’s Henry’s Digital Imaging show, at which I will be presenting for three days, I am thinking about light. As I always do.

Look at this shot from last weekend: model and friend:

Model and horse

Model and horse

Lit by natural light?

Not on your life.

Here is what they look like in available light:

Horse and model - available light

Horse and model - available light

Now you see why we use softboxes, kicker lights, and so on.

Used in the first shot:

  • Softbox with a monolight, to our right.
  • Small speedlite with Honl grid, to our left – see the sheen on the horse’s coat?
  • Pocketwizards (2x) and Flashzebra cable (1x)

Simple, innit?

Well, maybe not that simple, until you are shown. Come take a full-day lighting workshop and I will teach you this, and come see me at the upcoming Henry’s show also, where I will do tethered portrait shooting to demonstrate all this.

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