Ask not what speedlighter can do for you…

…okay, that is cheesy. But I just thought I would point out that I would like my message to go out widely, and that if you like this daily teaching blog, you can help:

  • Click on the “share” link under a post to share it on Facebook, etc.
  • Tell your friends.
  • Link to the blog or to posts you like.
  • Read comments; Comment yourself; and comment on other comments.

Shukran jazeelan! (That means “thank you very much” in Arabic).

2 thoughts on “Ask not what speedlighter can do for you…

  1. I check your blog every day, I take a minute to thank you for the great job.
    I like the format of you blog, concise & illustrated posts, kindness, i would really like
    to attend your photo sessions…if only I lived on the same continent !

    Thanks again, I will continue to pass the link around me !

  2. Yes, thanks for all your hard work, Michael. I often use your simple “party shot” speedlight recipe, and the result has been some of the best flash shots of my life. Thank you for your persistence and willingness to share your expertise with the rest of us. I have and will continue to pass along your well-written and instructive blog to others.

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