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Hi there friends,

Michael here.

I thought it is be time for a quick admin note for new readers, this morning (morning for me: my readers are everywhere from Japan to Canada. My Japanese friends, my thoughts are with you. I know Sendai and I am so sorry to see the devastation in Japan – and so impressed by the stoicism of the Japanese people).

Anyway. A few words about this resource.

  • What it is: is your prime resource for photography training. As you may know, I, the speedlighter, am one of North America’s premier educators and speedlight users. I teach at Henry’s school of Imaging and I teach at – speedlighter is my way of helping spread knowledge. From basics to state-of-the-art technical knowledge.
  • Frequency: I aim to do at least one post a day. I have been able to do this since I started this resource in 2009. This brief, to-the-point article each day educates, trains, gives you a tip, or explains a technique or technology. I aim at everyone from experienced pros to total beginners. You can search through all previous posts – I urge you to read them all.
  • More posts: If I do any “admin” notes like this, they are in addition to, not instead of, the teaching post.
  • Cost: Speedlighter is free, and will remain so. (You can always contribute at, and I would appreciate this greatly, but this is purely optional and you will not see me begging and talking about my kids here all the time).

Due to “registration spam”, which started to arrive every 10 seconds through the day, I have recently had to shut off registration for emails, but I will get this back again soon. Stand by.

A note for Toronto-area readers:

I have spots open for two workshop courses this weekend: “The Art of Photographing Nudes” on 2 April and my all-new “Event Photography” on 3 April, both in Mono, Ontario. “Advanced Creative Lighting” is also still open, for 23 April. These are the last ever Mono workshops, so do it while you can. Go here to book. (And as of next month, “Events” will be taught via Henry’s School of Imaging as a Michael Willems special: stay tuned).

A note for Oakville readers:

I might need an assistant for a shoot tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, in Oakville. Around noon-3pm-ish, all around Oakville, lifestyle portraits of a politician. This does not pay  much for me (and hence for the assistant) but it would be a great opportunity to hone your skills. I would need someone who knows about photography, but of course I teach while we shoot, so you do not need to be a fully trained pro. Interested? Then email me. Postscript: it looks like this is filled – the power of the Internet! Tony, you are on. Meet you at noon, location to be confirmed.

And now, back to regular programming. Go out and shoot!

4 thoughts on “An Admin Note from Speedlighter

  1. You are the greatest! I have learned so much from you. From the Western USA.
    Wish that I could take your classes. Thanks sooo very much.


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