Let there be…

..light. Because when it is dark, it may not be.

Let me explain.

I am home and as I just parked my car I thought “let’s take a snap of the driveway as I am seeing it”. This is what I was seeing. Not much.

Then I did it again but now four stops brighter. I simply used aperture mode, set my ISO a tad higher since I had no tripod (I was simply holding my camera on the steering wheel, and the foreground light was my dim parking light):

The point: it is as bright, or as dark, as you want it to be.

Hey, even when I turn off all the lights: simply expose for 30 seconds and I get this (and here I should have used a tripod since I was shivering – it is freezing, April 18 and it is below freezing. God, bring on Global Warming please).

Night into day. So the message is this. While we cannot be God and turn Canada into Bermuda (if only), what we can do is “let there be light”.

Light is like spray paint. The longer it keeps coming for, the more you get. “Dark” does not mean “dark”, necessarily, and “light” does not always mean “light”. Your camera is a light-shifting device, and if you never use this aspect, you are missing out big time.

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