Colour Combos

Using colour in your photos can make a dramatic difference – if you use it well. Three tips for you today in that regard:

Use opposing colours to add interest. Yellow and Blue is such a pair of opposing colours. Red and Green, another one. Whenever you see yellow, ask “could there be blue anywhere to contrast with this?”. Ditto for red and green. Or create your own by using flashes and gels.

Use all three primaries. Images look impressive when you have saturated reds, greens and blues in the same photo.

Saturate. By not mixing with white light, you are saturating your colours. Mixing with other white light decreases the saturation, which is why overexposing makes an image look “washed out”.

Use beautiful complementary colours – colours that go well together, like purple and green:

Simple tips that can greatly enhance the colour quality in your photographs. Sometimes, things really are simple.


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