Dirt Ba^G^G Cheap

I recently told you about an honourable company, that shall go unnamed, that settled an unlicensed use of my image to satisfaction.

There’s another such company – but this one did not do the honourable thing. They did not even bother to reply, even though I attempted to contact them several times since 18 July 2011. They had a large image of my 7D with 16-35mm lens on their web site. This company is http://www.dirtcheapcameras.com.au/

So since they have not deemed fit to respond, to pay, or anything else, I warn Australian readers to stay clear of them – they willingly and knowingly stole an image, and then did not respond when the owner repeatedly contacted them. That kind of ethics does not make for good business.


3 thoughts on “Dirt Ba^G^G Cheap

  1. How can you track your photo(s) to www sites around the world? It seems like an endless task to go looking for them.
    We have likely all suffered the same exposure. Is there an efficient defense?

    I am not superhuman, I just cannot see myself scanning sites all night and trying to work by day.

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