Light direction

When you use a simple bounced flash, always ask this:

“Where should the light be coming from?”.

And then that is where you point your flash.

So if during a custom workshop at Seneca College I want to light up Seneca student and reader Danny Lee with lighting that compliments a man and provides some modeling, I want light from the side – so I aim my flash behind me to the right:

If, on the other hand, I wanted to light him evenly, which makes the face look flat and featureless (and women like featureless because “featureless” also means “wrinkle-less), I would aim the flash straight behind me:

So today’s lesson: always watch where your flash is aimed, and enusre that that is where you would like the light to be coming from.


2 thoughts on “Light direction

  1. I never knew flash direction could be influenced by gender. 🙂 Very cool tips, though. I just invested in a YN-560ii for some product photography, so I’m finding your blog very useful. Thanks for the frequent and informative posts!

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