Four Flash Shots

My friend and colleague Riker from Riker VP, shot a number of ways using flash:

[1] My favourite first: Using an off-camera flash with the Honl softbox:

[2] Using an off-camera flash direct – not as good, harsher, with shadows:

[3] Using an on camera speedlight directly aimed forward from the camera:

And [4] – using bounced flash off a ceiling a little way behind me:

Numbers 1 and 4 are by far the best – the choice is yours. As long as you see that 3, and to a slightly lesser extent 2, are poor. Flash is all about

  1. how soft it is and
  2. what the direction of the source is.

As long as you always think consciously about those two, you’re good.

This is part of what I am teaching in Rotterdam today… momentarily!


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