Make-Up Tip

When you shoot portraits, you may want to have your model use make-up. Even with someone who normally does not need, or use, make-up. Even in many cases for men!

Why? For several reasons, as so often when you ask “why”. Or rather, when I do, for rhetorical reasons.

One is to change appearance. Eye shadow or blush can make someone look different. Different looks can be interesting.

Another reason: to make the model feel better. Confidence is a good thing and your shoot will go better.

Another is to fix oily skin. Photographers always carry powder to stop reflections from softboxes or umbrellas. Shoots can be hard work, and slightly sweaty or oily skin can cause a lot of imperfections.

So can blemishes. Yes, Lightroom (or Photoshop) can fix these very well, but take 100 shots and now you need to fix 100 images. One application of make-up is

Then there’s age… make-up can stop its visible progress.  Always a good thing, if you ask most people. Under-eye shadows are a good example.

The following picture is a good illustration of how make-up can change someone’s appearance from the usual:

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