A bottle is a bottle is a bottle?

I don’t think so.  Look at this bottle:

Now look at this bottle:

Now look at this bottle:

They are of course the same bottle, same  time, same camera, same lens: but lit very differently. Number one, back lit with visible background. Number two, lit from its front by soft umbrella light, with a simple reflector/scrim background. Number three, back lit with soft light, bounced against the reflector; also with that same simple background.

The point is: hardness/softness of light and direction of light will make major differences to the image. When you make a photo, ask: what if the light was on the other side?  What if it was hard and direct instead of soft? Wat if I had several light sources, not one? And then, try these things. Use flash, of course, not just available light – try both, or a combination. What will happen is that you will get a good appreciation of what’s possible – and these skills will take you far.

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