Touristy Haze

Have you ever looked at something vast, like the Grand Canyon, or Cologne Cathedral, and thought “WOW”, only to have your pictures turn out “Blaah”?

One reason is haze. Grand things are big things, and big things involve distance, and distance involves haze. And haze makes for “blaah” pictures.

Unless you make that haze into a benefit. Make lemonade out of lemons. Like here:

London is hazy, foggy (what else is new), but by placing a sharp object in the foreground I have made this haze into a benefit. The haze now accentuates the foreground object and makes it look extra sharp. At the same time, we no longer “blame” the photo for having haze in the background. This is a trick, in other words, to have the viewer “allow” haze.

Easy, no? Use any foreground object – preferably, of course, one that is relevant to the photo’s setting. But it can be as simple as your travel companion, your car, whatever – and you’re done!


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