It ain’t all what you see

The day before yesterday, I did a shoot for a very talented photographer who is publishing her work and needs a front page. A studio shoot, and just a word about that today.

A shoot is not what it seems, sometimes. The end result is like this:

The shoot actually looked like this:

Make-up artist. Backdrop. Lights. And post work, including:

  • Making the edges of the white background pure white.
  • Filling in areas without backdrop
  • Colour change of the couch.
  • Small changes in lighting curve (dark areas, light areas, etc) to optimize the end result.

Often, also skin edits and so on, but with a young subject and a make-up artist, that was not necessary. The rest, though, was, and that is one reason you pay a photographer: attention to such detail, and expertise carrying it out, is the difference between “OK” and “good”.

Tomorrow, I am off to Las Vegas (standby flights allowing), so updates may be sporadic for a few days. We’ll see!



2 thoughts on “It ain’t all what you see

  1. re: Front Page Shot
    Michael, well done. If possible, what lens and exposure settings?
    Thanks much for your thoughtful, relevant, and helpful blog.

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