Today’s lesson is a simple “Split lighting” picture. This was one of my students in today’s Canon-sponsored class at Vistek Toronto. The danger of sitting in the front row is that you will be pictured:

Split lighting is a technique where exactly half a face is lit, and the other half is dark; the face is “split in two”, if you will.

I did this as follows:

  1. Camera on Manual
  2. Camera set to 100 ISO, 1/125 second, f/8.
  3. On–camera flash is a 600EX set as MASTER flash, and its actual flash function is OFF (i.e. it ONLY works as master flash, telling other flashes what to do).
  4. On our right, a 430EX flash set to TTL SLAVE mode. This flash needs a grid or snoot fitted in a small room; here, the room was large enough to do without (there were no close-by walls that the flash could light up).
  5. Flash Exposure Compensation set to -1.7 stops (on the camera)
  6. There is no 6: steps 1-5 were all.

Yes, this stuff is really quite simple once you know, and modern camera and flash equipment brings this in the reach of everyone. All you have to learn is some technique. And that is where I come in!


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