CPS – Can’t Pay Service

In Canada, if you own Canon equipment, Canon CPS (Canon Professional Services) is the way you get decent service for your gear. But you have to have certain equipment (from a list of “pro” cameras and lenses that are new enough), and then in Canada you need to pay (in some countries this service is still free, as it was for Canada until a couple of years ago). If I recall correctly, it’s $125 for the middle service level, but it could be more than that. I’d have to check. The reason I have not renewed is exactly that: the cost.

So… my 7D camera broke. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Brampton (100km away) until just after my membership ran out.

So I had to go to the Hoi Polloi lineup instead of the “we respect you” lineup. Although I was a CPS member until a week or so before the repair, Canon no longer knew me and I had to re-supply all my details, address, and so on.

So that’s what buying $50,000 in of brand’s equipment gets you. Nothing. Good to know.

Oh, and Canon Canada “cannot” take American Express. Words fail me.


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