eBOOK: Mastering Your Camera


I am proud to announce the release of my next major e-book: Mastering Your Camera – The Ultimate No-Jargon Guide To Using Any DSLR (ISBN-978-0-9918636-2-4)

This is a downloadable e-Book (that is: you pay, and I send you your download link by return, within a business day–much faster if I am near a computer); in ultra convenient, freely readable PDF format:

This 182-page e-book lays out, in a very logical fashion, everything you need to know about your DSLR camera – any DSLR camera.

“Great…. Very easy to read and I’ve found that it’s filling in gaps that I didn’t even know I had” – Becky W, Hamilton, ON

“Very comprehensive and great value.” – Ed B., Woodbridge, Ont.

“I find this one is almost like you are there explaining it in person. It makes me want to go out and try what I have just read”. – Lisa J, Timmins, ON

Many years practice in both doing and teaching photography, and my having worked with just about every conceivable type and model of camera, resulted in what I think is the perfect way to convey my knowledge. And that is what it is all about: cameras are not complicated, but learning to use them can be.

You judge – $19.95 for this 182-page e-book, packed with information, and richly illustrated with photo examples. Buy It Now.

Chapter titles/page numbers:

  1. Introduction 8
  2. Getting Started 22
  3. Starting To take Charge 49
  4. Mastering Exposure 70
  5. Lenses 96
  6. Composition Basics 117
  7. Flash Basics 132
  8. Advanced exposure 142
  9. Customization 164
  10. After Shooting 173
  11. And Now? 180

This book will change the way you use your camera! Instead of wondering what all the controls do, you will know, and feel confident, and be able to match settings to situations, to create great photos.

This book will demystify cameras. The things you never thought were easy, actually are. Years of experience will help you quickly learn the do’s – and the don’ts. What’s more, you will frequently say “Oh… I should have thought of that”.

This will make you creative. Creativity is often hampered not by lack of thoughts, but by lack of knowledge. Knowledge and ideas are what you need: Problem Solved!

This book will allow you to get results from your current camera. Even if you only have simple equipment, I will teach you how to use it well. You do not need a huge SLR to apply the lessons in this book: a simple one will do!

This book will give you practical checklists. There are, as always, good rules of thumb, starting points, and “to do” lists included. This is often the secret to learning quickly.

The eBook format has some unique advantages for you:

  • CONVENIENCE: this is an Electronic Book formatted for reading on iPad and on your computer.  I do not burden you with “Digital rights management” restrictions like most book authors. You will never see “not authorized on this device”. You can copy and read it on all your devices, forever. I trust my customers.
  • COST: Because I self publish my books, there’s no Middle Man like Amazon, Google or Apple to take a large portion of the money. That means I can keep the cost down for you. Comparable books on similar subjects cost three or four times more.
  • FUTURE PROOF: It’s digital. There will be a second edition soon, no doubt, with any misconceptions explained and errors fixed and new material added – and when that happens, you are entitled to the new edition at no extra cost!

“Mastering Exposure”: Download Sample Chapter Today

Many years of camera and photography knowledge for just a few dollars: head on over to my e-store and get your copy. And take pro shots days from now!



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