Learn Topics: Going Wide!

Time to start the new year with some special camera techniques!

Another hands-on seminar. In Brantford; Jan 4 at 7pm, repeated Jan 8 at 1pm.

I often see people who have a good overview of all the theory, but who lack detailed knowledge of some advanced or special techniques.  So rather than “going deep” with a topic like “macro photography”, this time let’s get together and “go wide”: I cover a whole bunch of these special topics.


Topics for this hands-on , in studio session will include:

  • Setting up your camera: in-camera editing, custom controls, copyright/owner, personalized menus, optimal playback options, and a settings review for your camera.
  • How to get super fast flash to freeze super fast motion.
  • Stroboscopic Flash (see the picture above).
  • First or second curtain: the differences, when to use.
  • Video with DSLR: How to set up your camera for video.
  • Simple HDR: High Dynamic Range without hassle. We cover both “in camera” (like in a Canon 5D) HDR, or HDR in Lightroom.
  • Panoramas: how to do them in Lightroom.
  • Off-Camera Flash: How to get your flash off camera using [a] built-in light control, or [b] simple Pocketwizard radio triggers, or [c] Yongnuo advanced radio triggers.
  • Using a Pulse camera remote as a remote trigger, or for time lapse, long exposure, and HDR.
  • Q:A session: As time allows, anything you want to ask.

These sessions are hands-on ,so they are limited to 6 people each time. Go here to book:

Hope to see you there!


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