I'll be your private da… eh, teacher.


A quick divergence – once only! – from my usual teaching blog. Instead of teaching, let me talk about another option for learning.
In my daily work as a photographer and teacher of photography, I meet many people who would  like to learn more about photography. Digital photography has unlocked a world of new possibilities: digital means new technologies, great affordability, and quick learning because of the instant feedback inherent in the technology.

I refer these people to Henrys’ School of Photography and its excellent courses, which I teach. But if they need training that is different from eth available material offered by Henrys, or if they need at-home training instead of classroom training, my colleague Peter West and myself are happy to oblige. This kind of training is very affordable and effective.
In this kind of “taught by the pros” courses, you will learn exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it. You will learn about your camera, your specific types of favourite photography, and your personal points for improvement. Then you get to practice them.
Whether you know a lot already or have never held a camera before, this type of training in the comfort of your own home can be useful. Even if you think you know all the basics: are you fully aware of how to:

  • Use your focus system? One point vs many? Auto, one-shot or continuous?
  • Choose the right lens for the right job?
  • Shoot in “Manual” mode?
  • Use exposure compensation?
  • Shoot and handle RAW images?
  • Use the Rule of Thirds?
  • Use your camera’s multi-flash system?
  • Use a flash when it is bright outside? And why?
  • Shoot at night?

Because this type of training is individual, we will be able to meet your exact requirements.
Where do we offer this? Anywhere at all. Usually in the Greater Toronto area, but everywhere else is possible too.  And as a traveller who has worked in 33 countries, when I say everywhere, I mean pretty much everywhere.
Check out the site here [link].  And start your next phase of photography.

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