Must have…

Once in a while, a product comes along that you just must have – no discussion needed.One such product is the Hoodman Hoodloupe.

Yes, the Hoodman brand is a bit corny, but the hoodloupe is a lifesaver.


What does this device do?

Simply, it allows you to properly see your LCD display when you are using your camera outside. And once you see that, you will realise what a godsend this is. Suddenly you can actually see not just whether you got the shot, but more importanty, exactly how good it is. The colours, sharpness, and so on. No longer do you have to wait until you are inside to find out how your shots worked out. I have mine on me all the time now, and my outside shoots are notably better.

This device has proper optics built in -including a diopter, so you can adjust it to your eyes – and is very sturdy. That is why it is worth every penny – around 10,000 pennies. That’s $100 for you there without the calculator.

More details here:

Henry’s stock them, so go get yours today. My personal recommendation!

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