Miniature Assignment

Following up from previous posts, here’s an assignment.

Put your 50mm f/1.8 lens on your camera and, using just available light, go shoot twelve things in your living room that show its character. Or shoot lots, but pick the best twelve.

Then put these together in a 3×4 arrangement, like this (yes that’s my living room):

Living Room Miniatures

This assignment forces you to look properly. What is it that shows the character? What makes for a simple shot? It also forces you to use the right techniques for simplifying and filling the frame. And you get to practice low-light shooting, selective focus, and so on.

But most of all, you get to think about subjects. Initially you’ll struggle to fine ten – then suddenly 100 pictures will suggest themselves.

Show me your results!

9 thoughts on “Miniature Assignment

    • I really like “my space”. The colours harmonise very nicely. And when I downloaded the original I could see each photo was of great quality – and sharp!

      Did you choose the ordering of the photos carefully. I admit my entry was simply in the order taken.

      A variation on this assignment could be “tell a story in 12 frames”.

  1. Love them. Well put together and I love the red-orange-yellow colours. And this shows your personality very well. A few extra nice touches, the “Atwood” and the cat. Great stuff, and fun. 35mm on a D60 is equivalent to a 50mm lens on a full frame camera. Great length for this kind of natural shot.

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  3. Totally not too late!

    I like your version: it gives me a great idea of “who you are” – PC-based English traveller who lives abroad and drinks instant coffee (of course, I used to as well, when growing up in the UK and much more recently when living in Asia). Wonderful. If I were to suggest anything it might be to doi a litte less selective depth of field in some of them, and to crop slightly differently on one or two – e.g. the one top middle, which might (or might not: try) be better if you swung tad to the right or left. Wonderful exercise and great at showing who you are, don’t you think?

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