I notice that a lot of my students ask questions, and every time they ask one, I think “hey – that would make a great blog post”. I then promptly forget.

So here’s my request: send me an email, or respond to one of these blog posts, and ask. I’ll answer in a blog post with illustrations, and will email you when it’s done. That way we all benefit.


3 thoughts on “Ask!

  1. Hi, It was an accidental, I happen to come across your blog. I have put it in my Google reader. Hence forth I have been reading every blog of yours. I had a lot of questions to ask. But will do that from time to time. However, I am always intrigued and have never been able to to comprehend using flash in the daylight to take out the shadows. I tried using it last week. The results where little acceptable. However, I did not know what i should do with the whitebalance, the ISO and set the camera and flash at. I was shooting in manual mode on both the camera and the flash. I use Nikon d300 and sb800. I would love to get an answer on them and will immediately head out to shoot.

  2. I am working now, but I will reply as soon as I can – later today.

    Try this:

    Use A mode on the camera and TTL on the flash. Use Exposure Compensation -1 stop, and Flash Exp Comp -1 if necessary.

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