Wide angles are nice. And so are the colours we see in cities when buildings reflect light. Like in Toronto the other day, on my way to work on Queen and Church:


For a handheld picture like this, I do the following:

  • Set exposure compensation (the “plus-minus button” on your camera) to minus one stop as a starting point and adjust as needed (to +1 if needed!). That gives me the nice rich blue.
  • Set the camera to pick a focus point by itself, out of all the available (3, 9, 11, or 39, depending on your camera) focus points. This is about the only time I do this: usually, I pick a focus point myself so that I can determine focus accurately where I want it.
  • Select a high enough ISO (400 is a good starting point to ensure a fast enough shutter speed);
  • Zoom to the widest angle (this way, your camera is less sensitive to motion and less sensitive to selective focus). And I like the wide, wide angles you get with something like the 16-35 mm lens, set to 16mm on a full-frame camera.

It’s simple – set it up that way, and then you just snap away.

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