7D progress

In the next week or so, I’ll do more of a review of the 7D. Still very happy with it: this camera is a major update to the GUI and is a lot of fun and focuses better than my 1Ds3 and 1D3. Video is fun too, although I am not sure I can spare another 5 Terabytes and 12 hours a day doing video post. Plus, taking video is nice but even a short video will be many gigabytes. So it’s back to driving around: no Internet can handle that yet.

I do wish they had not crippled the camera by design, by the way. Auto ISO, for instance, is a great feature. But why set automatically between 100 and 3200 ISO? Why not let me limit it, say to 800 or 1600 ISO? No doubt they intend that to be available only on the 1Ds Mk4. It would cost nothing to add it. Are we being manipulated for marketing purposes?

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  1. Oh yes, how best to take screen shots of a camera’s user interface? I have tried for my camera to illustrate stuff in the blog but get bad reflections.

    I bet you have worked out a simple method …

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