Speak now, or…

This coming Friday – Saturday – Sunday, I am one of the featured speakers at the Henry’s imaging show at Toronto’s International Centre (next to the airport in Mississauga).

At this show, during those three days I will be teaching short (45-minute) versions of workshops including “Getting to know your DSLR“, “Photographic Composition“, “Shooting RAW, developing in Lightroom“, “Creative use of your lens’s aperture“, and my own workshop, “Travel Photography and Photojournalism“.

For those of you who want to attend this show, I can recommend it wholeheartedly. And as for “Travel Photography and Photojournalism”, I teach this short version of my workshop at the following times:

  • Friday 11:45 AM
  • Friday 3:45 PM
  • Saturday 10:45 AM
  • Saturday 4:45 PM
  • Sunday 3:45 PM

I hope to see you there. This is a show not to be missed: Canon, Nikon and all the other greats are there, as are speakers like Gary Fong and vendors like Booth, Daymen and Pinnacle.

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