My 7D..

…just hung up again. Again, not long after live view. No response even to on-off switch: nothing happens and top LCD remains lit. And again, it needed the battery removed to start responding to anything. Worrying, and as a wedding shooter, this would stop me (a hang could theoretically very easily corrupt the disk).

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  1. This must be a problem Canon can fix under warranty. That sort of repeated hang isn’t a software glitch – it must be a hardware issue.

    Hopefully Canon Canada are trained on the 7D already.

    In Bangkok I am lucky because the Canon Thailand office is close by and they fix things in a couple of days for a reasonable cost. In the States I had to Fed Ex my camera to Los Angeles and they took several weeks to return it.

    But see

  2. Could be hardware, sure. Though when it’s not responding that could also be software: everything ni these cameras (even the on-off switch) is software driven. In any case, I am CPS registered. But I’ll wait until they’ve sported out these issues. Shame that they did not get there by themselves though!

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