Rock on

So today I was able to help 1,000 people with digital SLR knowledge, Travel Photography tips, and Lightroom and RAW  introduction.


This is my favourite activity: to help people of varying backgrounds and with varying degrees of knowledge with their photography skills. It is such a thrill to make your life part of eternity by committing it to paper (well – to bits) that I feel privileged to help people do it. I mean that: how many of you have good pictures of your parents? with a little knowledge, you can!


My mission: to make Canada the best country in the world in terms of photographic knowledge. And you know what: I think we really have a shot at it. Pun intended.

For those of you who have not been yet: Saturday and Sunday, in the International Centre next to Toronto Airport, and every vendor of photographic equipment, services, and anything else is there. And I am there every day speaking.


If you know me and need a ticket, email. Else, it’s worth ten times the small price of admission. See you there!


Oh – of course al these snaps were taken with the Canon 7D. In next to no light, I might add.

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