More crowds

So today I addressed at least several thousand people. These are the kinds of standing-room-only crowds I love:


And I thrive in this, witness this picture taken by my friend, Oakville photographer Dani:


Today’s subjects included Travel Photography, Introduction to your DSLR, Lightroom and RAW, and Composition. More tomorrow! And hopefully, more wonderful crowds like this:

One more day – don’t miss it.

In walking the show, I was struck by two examples of customer service.

On the one hand, Gary Fong.  Yes, that Gary – the maker of the Lightsphere. He chatted with me, we exchanged business cards and he was genuinely interested in my suggestions and feedback. He even snapped my picture. Hats off to Gary.

On the other hand, Apple. At the Apple booth I mentioned that I had left Aperture, which crashed, for Lightroom. Because, as said, Aperture crashed. As soon as I said this, the Apple guy promptly turned away and.. well, sneered. An Apple fanboi also at the booth asked the Apple  employee “Crashed? What was he talking about?”. “Huh. Your guess is as good as mine”, shrugged Apple guy to Apple fan. “In fact it’s probably better”. Both turned away from me both laughed (no – sneered), and neither looked at me again.

This kind of appalling service is, I suppose, OK if you are Apple, but I cannot imagine it can do you much good in the long run. For a start, it leads to blog posts such as this one. Love Apple products, but the company… wow. Sneering at your customers for daring to say something that might imply that your Holy Product is not, like, perfect. Wow. I feel like I was… excommunicated.. what is it the Amish do when you are cast out from the tribe? These guys make Rogers look good!

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I was one of the several thousand who really enjoyed the Travel Photography, Lightroom and RAW, and Composition presentations last couple of days.

    Thank you so much,


  2. Hello Michael,
    I attended your travel photography, composition, and ‘getting to know your DSLR’ sessions at the show yesterday. I must commend you for your ability to actually give the audience tips and teaching us, since some of the other speakers failed to do so. Not only did you show us your photos, but you gave us some insight on HOW you achieved them. You didn’t just say, “this is my award winning photo for…”, and not explain your technique(s)

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Hello Michael

    Thoroughly enjoyed your lecture today (Travel Photography) & your humour (“it ain’t much if it’s Dutch”, “remove the offending object” etc)

    Re Aperture crashing and sneering response, but weren’t those Henry’s employees making the presentation? I could have sworn that today’s speaker had the 100 years logo emblazoned on his shirt.

    Best regards
    Anthony Samotus

  4. Hi Anthony – thanks so much for the compliments. I assure you the pleasure was mine!

    I’ll check my facts about the small Apple booth. What I saw was people with Apple logos. If they were Henrys logos, I missed them. I may well have!


  5. Hello,

    I guess you are referring to when Gary Fong took your picture with my camera!

    Your website looks awesome!


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