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If there is one thing in life I do well, it is to make complicated things simple. Customers and listeners appreciate this. Today was no exception: on the last day of the photo show, I spoke to another 1,500 people, I estimate. That means that over the three days I am sure I  addressed 5,000 people.


This busy show emphasises how much people want to learn about photography and equip themselves with the right equipment.


After my presentations, there are lineups to sign up for the workshops. After all, they are tremendous fun, and when you do a workshop, it is amazing how much more you get out of your camera.


Just like pixels were born to be punished, I was born to do this, I think. What a blast, to help people understand their cameras and to help them make great pictures.

I met so many wonderful people – some of whom I have met many times. Some (like Maged Henein ) are great photographers. Many have interesting stories (like the young lady who wants to be a war photographer – oh boy do I recognise myself at that age!). Many who are getting into photography again after a hiatus. And all of them share a love of photography that I have too – a love that makes this field so exciting.

Those of you here checking out my blog because you were part of those people, please do leave comments and ask questions: I’ll even answer them online if they are interesting to others.

And: thank you!


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  1. Thanks Michael! I was honored to chat with you at the show. and to get some feed back on my images… Thanks again.

  2. New to photography! Always had a hidden passion for it and thought it was about time to do something for myself; that in the end would benefit others! Able to escape for the day and listen to you teach was wonderful. Your passion and your knowledge is expressed in your presentations and as a student it is admiring. Your level of detail was engaging making the audience want more. I observed your audience leaving your sessions and overheard only positive comments. I look forward to learning more about photography as I venture into this new challenge. I just wanted to say “thank you for inspiring me”! And I believe I’m not the only one.

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