Landscaper tips

Today, a few quick tips for shooting landscapes.


Northern Israel, 2007

Follow these:


    1. Use a tripod. This is the one time you will need one. Landscape needs to be sharp. SHARP.
    2. Consider using graduated filters to darken skies.
    3. Consider using a polarizing filter.
    4. Use small depth of field (e.g. set an aperture of f/11 or f/16).
    5. Focus one third into the picture to ensure all is sharp.
    6. Be careful not to over-expose. You may well need -1 stop exposure compensation when shooting foliage.
    7. Did I mention tripods?


      1. Keep the horizon straight.
      2. Shoot at sunrise or sunset if you can.
      3. Use the “rule of thirds”.
      4. Use S-curves if you can to gently lead into the image.
      5. Look for small colour contrasts (e.g. red-green, and yellow-blue),
      6. Consider adding close-by foreground subjects to show depth in your image.

      And your pictures will be better!

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