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This is one of those tips that is too simple to be written, almost – but that is enormously important.


How do you hold your camera?

I ask because it is very important to hold it steady. Even a slight shake will result in blur.

And yes, that applies even if you have a stabilised lens (like a Nikon “VR” lens or a Canon “IS” lens), useful as they are (and they are). We often underestimate the effect of motion. Even at, say, 1/125th or 1/250th second. “Lens length times two”? That is a estimate, and a rough one. A starting point. But unless youthe more steady your camera, the better your pictures.

It all starts with you holding your camera steady. Of course a tripod is the gold standard. But failing that, hold your camera the way I am holding mine in the image above. If your lens is long, hold it as far forward as possible. In any case, hold it with your left hand as I am showing you here.

Simple but effective in reducing vibration to a minimum. Your photos’ sharpness will improve as a result. Visibly.

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