Hold it.

In the last couple of days I used two new strap systems while shooting events: the BlackRapid R-strap (which I’ll review later) and the new Ezee Strap, pictured here:


That strap sits on your shoulders (the leather part on your back), and the movable hooks attach to the camera through rings. The camera thus sits symmetrically in front of you. To take a picture, you simply raise it and it comes up.

The first thing that I felt after putting on the strap and attaching the camera: : nothing.

Meaning – instead of the usual effort and discomfort of holding a heavy camera like my 1Ds MkIII, it is effortless. So that’s good. Easiest way I’ve held a camera. Also – the camera stays in place,. It neither swings right and left, nor forward much when you bend over. This is great!

There are a few minuses, of course. The rings are metallic and they do scratch the camera hooks a bit. That’s minor so I can live with it. The strap is, quite frankly, cheaply made. But it does the job. And because it has two hooks, it is saferthan some of the other alternatives.

Also, the camera hangs exactly where your belt buckle is. But.. it raises so easily and effortlessly (even for vertical shots) – that this, too, is worth it. And finally, this strap is costly – but again, it does the job, so compared to a bad back…

So while there are some drawbacks, none of those are showstoppers. I plan to use this Ezee Strap in some more upcoming shoots, and will give you more feedback after those. So far, it looks like it will stay in my bag as a permanent fixture, and one that makes a big difference in shoots where I carry multiple cameras.

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  1. By cheaply made please elaborate, is the material cheap or is the construction cheap? Is it going to break after a few uses or am I going to be able to use it 100 times before it breaks? By costly how much? How much is too much when it comes to the comfort of your neck or back? If you consider the amount of use compared to the price is it going to be cost effective?

    • I mean it looks and feels cheap, Linda, but i believe it will last just fine. I mean, a nylon strap is a nylon strap… I’m happy to use it. Of I have any trouble I’ll report that here, of course!

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