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  1. I’m guessing that you shoot in RAW then convert to B&W in Lightroom or Photoshop.

    As we discussed previously Canon cameras have a Monochrome Picture Style that attaches to RAW pictures but gets lost when you import them to a non-Canon post processing tool.

    Do you have any recommendations on good ways to convert to B&W? When I learned Photoshop many years ago our teacher advised us to use the Channel Mixer tool. Since then PS has introduced a B&W tool. And now LR has its own tools. I don’t know how comparable they are with Photoshop.

    If you’re lazy there are downloadable LR Develop Presets that emulate different B&W films. But I have not had much success with them.

    As always – so many choices. What would you advise a beginner? I think it is good to develop your own style, but it’s good to start from some proven principles.

  2. Spot on.

    – Shoot in RAW
    – Do set your camera to B&W Picture Style – just so you can see a preview of what B&W will look like, while you are shooting
    – Convert in Lightroom

    Lightroom “Greyscale” (under HSL etc) makes it much easier than it was in Photoshop, so I definitely recommend that. Default colour mixing shows the image “the way we’d see it”, but then you can edit to taste. Much easier than PS.

    More on this later!

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