Best friend

Tip of the day: today a tip that will save you money.

Get yourself one (or a few) of these.


$1 at the dollar store will get you several. And you use them to keep dust and sand off the camera, off your lenses, and away from your camera’s switches and openings. Dust that is not on your camera will not get into your camera.

And like a cleaner drives more smoothly (proven fact), a cleaner camera takes better pictures.

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  1. Very good point. My problem in Thailand is more humidity than dust. My cameras don’t go anywhere near a beach!

    One example is corrosion on my flash hot shoe that makes contact with a Speedlite problematic at times.

    Do you have any tips for working in hot, humid conditions?

  2. Yes… humidity.

    a) Let your camera dry out in A/C environments sometimes. Fungus is death.

    b) When going from 20C to 37C, put camera in a tightly wrapped palstic bag and keep it there for 15 minutes so it warms up inside the bag. No condensation!

    c) Yes, I clean my sensor when needed. Three steps:
    i. Blower
    ii. Arctic Butterly Brush
    ii. Liquids and pads

    More on this soon.


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