Mmm. I dropped my 7D onto a concrete floor today at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair I was doing portraits at. It bounced and was dead for a minute until it restarted – kudos to the 7D.

The 16-35 2.8L lens is dented. It all seems all right – but with a seriously banged about camera and a living that depends on it, this is basically $4,000 I can no longer trust. More than I make all month this month- this is definitely NOT my day. Yes, I can drive it all to Canon for a two-week CPS checkup. Problem is, first free day is in December. And I need the lens until that time, constantly.

Goes to show why we al have redundant equipment. Never rely on one piece of gear!

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  1. Waah, that’s bad luck. But I am sure you have a lesson ready about how to reduce the likelihood of it happening.

    Some time ago I wrote at http://bkkphotographer.wordpress.com/2009/07/07/chris-orwigs-lightroom-2-training/ about what NOT to do.

    How much tougher do you think L lenses are than the common-or-garden variety? Maybe a non-L lens would have shattered into tiny pieces with that kind of fall.

    I dropped my 30D a couple of years ago. The cheap kit 18-55mm lens broke (no great loss, but I did get a replacement) but the body was fine.

    Is it easy to rent equipment in your city? I used to rent equipment from Keeble & Schuchat in Palo Alto, CA. Their service was excellent and it was a great way to try out a body or lens before committing the money.

    I note you said at http://blog.michaelwillems.ca/2009/11/10/this-week/ that the show organizers didn’t want Canon equipment used. It must have been a sign your camera wasn’t welcome.

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