These are the crowds I like when I speak – this was at the recent Henry’s Photo Show at the International Centre in Toronto last month:


That said – small classes also have their charm. Large groups make it easier for the speaker to see where the interest is – there is a “crowd spirit”, if you will – but small groups are much more individual in nature.

Either way, if you are interested in photography: today is a better time than ever for training. And it is more important than ever that you do it – a few hours’ training saves you years!

If you are new to digital photography, a course will teach you things such as:

  • Extras to add to your camera
  • How to Focus properly
  • How to use – and not use – the “scene modes”; and when to overrule the camera
  • How to use Exposure Compensation
  • When to use -and not use-  Flash

The kind of stuff camera manuals will never tell you.




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