Another 7D review

Scott Bourne also reviewed the 7D: here [link]

So it is noisy but otherwise good. I agree, but the noise is not a big issue unless you shoot high ISO. And the Lightroom RC makes it a bit better.

My few-words review (see 7D tag for more):


  • Great new focus system!
  • Great video ability (1080p, 24/25/30fps) and quality.
  • Ability to assign many custom buttons.
  • Nice to drive flashes from pup-up.
  • Better WB than prior Canons.
  • Great screen at the back.
  • Strong; withstands 3ft drop onto hard concrete.


  • Noise (but by downsizing to fewer Mpixels you reduce this)
  • Deliberately dumbed-down menus for marketing purposes (eg no ISO range setting, no “save/retrieve basic settings”)
  • Still hangs up every now and then (needs battery removed, even off does not work)
  • Slow autofocus in video/live view modes

Noise should not be overestimated as an issue. See this earlier post for a sample at 3200 ISO:

Note – the new RC of Lightroom, with 7D support, does not reducethe noice.

Overall, a very good addition to my 1D MkIII/1Ds MkIII family.

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