Let there be light.

Please. Light. I dream that one day the newspaper will send me to shoot something where there is actual light.

Tonight, two shoots where no flash was allowed (or possible). I started with a recital. Church. Not possible to move – I had to stay whereย  I was and not in the best place. And no flash.

So that meant that to get acceptable shutter speeds (1/125th sec on a 200mm IS lens, which ias as low as you can go, really) I had to use 1600 ISO at f/2.8, which is just OK on the 1D MkIII:

Not too bad. Thank God for f/2.8 lenses. Why do I pay $2,000 for my lenses? This is why.

Then it got worse. Rush to get to the next appointment: Tennis. And indoors. And in very low light. To see the ball and to freeze action I needed 3200 ISO – and even then at f/2.8 I was only able to get to 1/320-1/400th second, never faster.

Big time noise. But…ย  I (and hence the newspaper) got what I went in for.

And tonight I will dream of venues with light.


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  1. The tennis venue wouldn’t allow flash either? I could see a handful of off-camera strobes on stands coming in very handy there… but I know you carry that stuff with you, so I guess it must not have been possible due to time or rules. Too bad. At least newspaper is not printed at 20×30 in high gloss ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hello Michael,

    Very nice shot low light , no flash shot, Like I said before it was nice to see your work on the front cover of the newspaper, it was returned back to my work, my mistake. I will send it back tomorrow. Cheers!!!!

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